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How do I operate the Button Panel?

Button Panel




How do I convert my ZLINE Range from Natural Gas to Propane?

The following video demonstrates how to convert your ZLINE Natural Gas range top to Propane. 


  Converting from Gas to Propane




What size chimney do I need?

Standard ZLINE chimneys are typically equipped to fit ceiling heights from 8 to 9 feet, depending on the size of the range hood.

Short chimney kits are available for lower ceilings, and extension chimney kits are available for higher ceilings.

To determine whether or not a short or extension kit are necessary, please see the video below:


        Measuring Your Chimney




What else do I need to order?

Nothing! Everything you need to install and use your ZLINE Range Hood will come in the box.

To see what comes with each type of range hood, see videos below:



         Stainless Steel Unboxing                    Designer Copper Unboxing                 Designer Island Unboxing



        Under Cabinet Unboxing




How do I install my ZLINE Range Hood?

ZLINE Range Hoods are the easiest in the industry to install!

Each type of hood is a little different, so please see the appropriate video below:


       Stainless Steel Installation                   Designer Copper Installation                 Designer Island Installation 



         Copper Wall Installation                    Under Cabinet Installation                   Crown Molding Installation 





What if I need to return my range hood?

If you need to return your range hood, please first contact our customer service department at (866) 528-0571 . Our team will help organize the return process for you!

For help repackaging your hood, please see the video below:


How to Repackage a ZLINE Range Hood 





What if I need to replace a part on my range hood?

No problem! Just contact our Customer Service Department at (866) 528-0571 and our team will be happy to send you any replacement parts that you may need (if covered under 3 year warranty).


           Changing LED Bulbs                           Changing a Button Panel                      Replacing Baffle Filters



        Replacing a Circuit Board                   Replacing Light Transformers                   Installing a Grease Cup