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Affordable and Attractive Stainless Steel Range Hoods

The best range hoods are designed to eliminate the smoke and other air contaminants that result from the cooking process, but they should also accentuate the overall kitchen design. At The Range Hood Store we have a wide selection of high-quality kitchen ventilation products that can match the overall design and still fit into your budget. These hoods are not the bulky, nosy, box-metal vents of years past. Our selection of range hoods incorporate all the modern features you expect and offer a stylish design with quiet performance. Whether you are looking for a large island range hood to cover a wide area, or a sleek wall mounted model that provides some extra light, you can find what you need right here.

The Right Range Hood for You

At The Range Hood Store we offer a wide range of options for your kitchen, and you can easily use some chimney extensions for ceilings up to 12’ high or convert it to a ductless system if exterior ventilation is not an option. These hoods are simple to install and designed to provide years of reliable service.
We offer free shipping on selected models. Orders placed will be shipped within 24 hours. There is a 3-year warranty on all our products and we are committed to providing the kind of service you expect. Take a look at our complete list of products and find the range hood that is perfect for you.


The Range Hood Store is proud to exclusively provide: ZLINE Ranges and Range Hoods


The Perfect Accent to Your Kitchen

ZLINE makes eye catching designer range hoods, specializing in stainless steel hoods, glass, copper, and intricately carved wood. Sizing is available for all kitchens, from petite to the most professional.

ZLINE Ranges are built with state of the art technology, with durable italian made hinges and burners. ZLINE burners provide the perfect range of cooking power from 3400 to 18000 BTU's.

At ZLINE, quality is paired with beautiful aesthetics. ZLINE makes products for the long term, and guarantees everything under warranty for at least 2 years.




ZLINE Kitchen Range Hoods

Designer hoods that are elegant, quiet, and built to last



Designer Hoods Complete the Perfect Kitchen

Featuring intricately carved wood hoods and stunning copper collections

These hoods are hand crafted and designed to last with high quality materials and perfectly styled for countless kitchen types.

ZLINE Copper Hoods are built to last and age beautifully. The understated drama that comes with copper range hood never goes out of style.