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This product is comparable to ones sold at Lowes and Home Depot by manufacturer Broan. One like this retailed for around $449 and is special order a most stores and takes about 14 days to arrive. I ordered the Z Line on Friday and it was was at my door the following Thursday and saved $150 dollars on the product and free shipping.

The product is super well made and very easy to install. The two hole mount and pigtail make this easier than an under cabinet model to install. I was not a fan of the instruction book but I would take bad instructions over a good product any day.

I would recommend this to everyone who want a high end look to your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Elizabeth C.

4 count them, 4--button levels of air suction! Stainless Steel is not cheap but high grade & heavy thickness. My hood arrived in pristine condition & best packing I have EVER seen, so was well-pleased. My 30" version of this unit has 3 removable Stainless Baffle sections which was FREE upgrade from aluminum screening, and the buttons are on the vertical front ledge of unit with a DIGITAL readout screen of the level of chosen suction and even has time-delay on shut-off = BONUS! I am using the two baffles on interior two exits of blower motor but I am doing a hollow faux wood beam to cover the metal 6" flu system across the room to vent through out through bump-out dinette roof. This hood totally blows away the competition at Lowe's or HomeDepot stores...and the price is at least $100-400 BELOW comps with these features anywhere online.

C. Joy

The product itself is fine, it looks good, and it does the job.
For the price, it's a great deal.

The company is a pleasure to do business with. When I realized I'd ordered the wrong one I panicked and wondered how much it would cost me to get the right one. Not a dime. I called them and they asked me to ship it back to them and even gave me the shipping label to do so. In a few days I had the correct size hood at my door. I would recommend them and buy from them again.

Ruben M.

I looked around quite a bit for a 36" stainless steel hood for our new home and comparable hoods were $1,000 - $2,000 range. I was initially bit skeptical since price was so good and was not sure if this hood will work with our 9' ceiling. I was happy to get quick answer from Laureen that it should be fine for 9' ceilings and I placed the order. Item was delivered within 3-4 days. We just moved into the house and noticed that the lights on the hood did not work, fan worked just fine. I wasn't sure what to do since I had purchased the product over a month ago - but decided to send an email to the vendor to see if they can provide me with any pointers. I was really impressed to receive the email from Laureen within minutes telling me she had already put replacement transformer in the mail for me and in the mean time I can check for any loose connections. My lights are now working fine after replacing the new transformer. The product looks great and working good for last 2 weeks that we have been using. I will definitely do business with this vendor. Things happen, but, how they addressed the issue was amazing in my opinion.

Pratik D.

We could not be more pleased with how quickly the hood arrived and how well packaged it was. We are in the middle of kitchen remodeling and we had to wait a while until the cabinets were in place in order to install it. The Hood looks amazing but the most important thing is that it works as intended. It does. We specially enjoy the fact that the hood can be set up to shut itself off after 3 minutes. After cooking a dish with cabbage as one of the ingredients, we could all tell how much better this hood was than the one we had before. It did not smell in the bedrooms or hallway. In short, we love the hood. It looks great. The stainless steel is beautifully polished and is eye candy as well as a great performer. We could not be more pleased with the product or the company. We highly recommend them.

Michele R.

I had been looking for a ductless hood for our retro kitchen, and this fit the bill in every way! You can't beat the price and the quality is outstanding. It looks and acts better than many of the upscale models I have seen. It arrived boxed extremely well, and installation was quite easy. We weren't able to install an outlet behind the hood, and we just made a minor adjustment to let the cord hang out and plug into an existing outlet below it. It works just right for us, and we couldn't be more satisfied with this great hood. We find the lights to be perfect for our space, and it really shows off our retro stove. It has been a stellar performer in it's duties!

Cinnamon C.

Why would anyone pay more? I just received the unit today and unpacked it as soon as it came in the door. I am going to do a kitchen remodel in 4 months and I'm getting all my supplies lined up way ahead in case something is wrong or doesn't work right. I set this hood on my kitchen table and plugged it in to test the noise level(because they don't tell you on the page what the dba/sones are for the product in use). This is a VERY QUIET MACHINE and the cubic feet per minute(cfm) is excellent. With 4 speed levels and adjustable lights, they tilt back and forth, this exhaust hood rivals all that I've looked at. I've been all over the web and to about 7 stores checking out range hoods and this one is as good as it gets, AND THE PRICE MAKES IT THE BEST DEAL! If your looking to redo your kitchen or replace an existing hood, this model rocks.

See W.